Reflects your true organization culture with Infomist

Infomist is a graphic design company that creates unique and rich magazine design which reflects your true organization culture and delivers your marketing message with big impact.

Magazine layout design is a professional job which requires quality approach with creative process to maximize the transformation of a message into a state of the art publication.

Infomist graphic designer team certainly understand the important of a unique, powerful magazine design, we create unique layouts as well as strong marketing oriented magazine cover design for our clients. The user decision to read through the inner pages of a magazine completely depends on a unique, quality magazine design. We analyze the process by keeping in mind the end user who actually has to read through the magazine pages therefore the design philosophy has to be strong and solid enough to keep the interest of the reader to read on and flip the page to get on to the next page. Our graphic design company has created starting from unique magazine cover design to complete magazine layout design using Adobe photoshop, framemaker, freehand, illustrator.

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