Industry experience and well-versed in many aspects

Our on-line Dotnet/PHP web developers have extensive industry experience and are well-versed in many aspects of ASP Dotnet and PHP website development. Their communication is good. They have consistently demonstrated a sharp understanding of client requirements, applying their technical, analytical and creative skills to come up with business-oriented solutions not just technological ones.

When it comes to goal setting, our web developers, website programmers have always displayed sound entrepreneurial skills and along with their real hands-on programming experience they’ve impacted many clients’ business revenues. They’re intelligent, energetic types who keep the organization growing and thriving.

Basis of our pricing and an example (IT Outsourcing)

INFOMIST offers a monthly rate card for Dotnet, PHP web developers who’ll work only on your project and complete the tasks at mutually agreed upon pre-determined schedule. We suggest that you hire web developers on full-time basis as it is highly flexible: it can follow any development life cycle. You’ll be assigned a competent project manager providing the ease of a single point of contact as well as ensuring successful completion of your outsourcing venture.

This is a least cost option hence you’ll have budget predictability. The dedicated team working for you is highly flexible i.e. they can start with any level of expertise on the application. This places a high amount of control in your hands.

The Difference in Cost when outsource to Infomist

We have a lot of positions/departments involved in the application development. You could work with a single programmer on all facets, including project design, choosing the right database, testing and fixes. One programmer in the USA is currently paid about $80,000/year.

How will working with Infomist be cheaper for my IT outsourcing?

While it’s true that a talented programmer in the US will be in the range mentioned, the actual cost to company for every employee is substantially more. In addition to the salary, every company needs to make other statutory payments for each employee. In addition, for each role, there will be other infrastructure costs such as hardware, software, utility and space costs that get added as overheads.

Thus for a programmer who earns an annual salary of $80,000 the total cost to the company is in excess of $100,000.

In the case of our team of online web developers, you will not require all services on a continuous basis. In a typical project, the analysis, architecture and design takes up approximately 35% of the effort and time while development and testing takes the remaining 65% effort and time. On the whole, a 12 man month project that would take approximately a year for your programmer in the US (costing you around $120,000) can be completed in about 6 months by an Infomist team and at an approximate total cost of $40,000.

You can choose to hire web developersindividually or hire a virtual team depending on your requirements. Get in-touch to work out the specifics of this most valuable venture.