Our Mobile application developers understand the client’s requirement and offer custom mobile application solutions for all mobiles. Website Design now a days needs to be done with mobile users in mind and we perfectly understand this changing world. At Infomist, we have a dedicated mobile application department which works closely with website design and development team to create mobile version of our client’s website and also develops custom Iphone application, Blackberry and Android applications.

With the introduction of ever new mobile phones, the need for mobile application development has also increased a lot. Now a days there are various exciting mobile applications which make mobile phone use highly addictive.

In this high intense busy schedule of everyone gone are the days mobile are only used for phone conversations, now they are lot more then it. With the introduction of smart phones people use their mobile for internet surfing and use various interactive applications therefore Mobile is new requested feature in IT Outsourcing services. A recent research predicts that the number of mobile users will exceed the number of desktop users in 2015.

Our mobile application developers create interactive mobile applications including games for mobile and smart phones like Blackberry, Iphone, Android and windows mobile. Our developers combine quality app programming with innovation for on-time delivery of client’s application.

Besides interactive mobile applications for Iphone, Android, we also offer mobile website development. Every 1 out of 4th user of your website sees it on mobile. If the website does not have a mobile version it means you have lost a potential customer therefore lost a sale. Our mobile application developers create custom mobile websites which are a shorter, yet interactive version of your on-line website.

Mobile Application Development Service

  • IPHONE Application Development
  • IPAD Application Development
  • Games Application Development
  • Business Applications Development
  • Multimedia Applications Development
  • Search, Travelling and Hotel Applications Development
  • Mobile Website Development
  • Windows Mobile Development
  • Android Application Development
  • Blackberry Application Development

Our mobile application developers are experienced in creating different mobile solutions. Our Iphone, Andoid and IPAD teams have created various quality applications (free and paid) for our clients from different industries like Education, Finance, Health, Computers and Technology, Government and Games sector.

Creativity, Futuristic designs, custom solutions, and Profitable. We offer you mobile application solutions to lead the cyber mobile world with unique, user addictive applications.

Our offshore mobile application development team reduces high cost of developing a mobile application which lets our clients get an extra features for their application for a very competitive price.

We create TOP mobile applications in the business because we have:

  • 30 mobile application developers working in one place.
  • More then 100 Mobile applications of different types created
  • 100% approval rate for Stores
  • Our Mobile Application Development work closely with our Design team.

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