Android Development

Android is knows as open source operating system which is LINUX based and uses a JAVA Library. Google is arguably the one who owns Android but there is also a perception about various others owning this Open source system. Android 4.0 brings an entirely new LIFE to the world of mobile Apps. The beautiful lock screen, easy to use widgets, prompt-notifications, hassle free multi-tasking and lot other is revamped to make Android look and work simple, classic and elegant.

Our mobile application developers create custom Android development. The usage of Android based smart phones is fast growing and more and more android apps are created every week all around the world.

Blackberry Development

Our Mobile application developers are experts in developing custom software solutions for users of blackberry.

If you need a custom blackberry mobile application or need an existing app redone/created for blackberry, Infomist can help you with that.

We create custom blackberry application and also integrate with your enterprise backend system for constant updates and upgrades.

We are experts in creating blackberry app for:

  • Sales force creation, automation
  • complete resporting services
  • integration with your enterprise backend
  • POS (Point of sale apps)
  • Interactive multimedia presentations
  • GPS services
  • Email solutions
  • Mobile banking applications