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Meet The Think Tanks  
Hisham Sarwar - CEO Infomist Services  

Hisham Sarwar (CEO)

Hisham Sarwar has always been known to be an independent thinker and a risk-taker, proving his far-sightedness time and again. 

Infomist, his brainchild, was established in 2004 when not many had foreseen the demand for website development. Since then, it has grown leaps and bounds under his visionary leadership, perseverance and hard work. 
Starting with a single computer to now a medium size team to provide the best possible services as an outsource company, Infomist is a success story. With branches in different cities and head office based in Dublin, Ireland, Infomist primarily caters to the international market. 

Hisham ’s determination, relentless energy, motivation and adaptability have proved him as a true leader. His contribution towards humanitarian causes and respect towards individuals has been exemplary. 

Muddassir Hassan - Cofounder, Art Director Infomist Services  

Muddassir Hassan (Co-Founder)

From biographies to industry related magazines, reading is his passion. Having the quest to accomplish,Muddasir Hassan has put countless hours to build Infomist as a dependable offshore service provider. He has set in motion numerous technological and strategic programs that animate Infomist today, ensuring its expansion and smooth running. He also holds the position of Art Director.

Fahad Mobeen Khan - Director Development Infomist Services  

Fahad Mobeen (Director Development)

Creative and out of the box thinking is what describes Fahad Mobeen. He joined this organization in very difficult time where company was surviving for its existance and his innovative, quality approach has not only stabalize Infomist but the company has grown remarkably.

Saima Akram - Director Business Development  

Saima Akram (Director Marketing)

Saima Akram is a professional computer science degree holder with deep interest in Interior designing, She holds the position of Director Marketing/Business Development and takes deep pride in her work. She currently manages and handles all client queries with her team.

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